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Ea Bears


The Andrus legacy

EA Bears Academy is a family-friendly organization with values ​​rooted in its history and a firm goal: to train the talent of the future and to become one of the best baseball academies in the United States.  His name honors the head of the family, Professor Emilio, as the father of the Andrus brothers (Elvis, Erold and Erikson) was known to those who knew baseball and related to the world of sports from a very young age.

Thanks to him and his mother, Elvia, they grew up in a united, healthy, loving and full of values ​​family instilled in them: discipline, perseverance, humility, perseverance and excellence.  The legacy of his father, who in life was passionate about sports, an excellent baseball player, Physical Education teacher and extraordinary person, with an incomparable human quality, keep it intact for having left a mark on their lives and assuming, at the time, the leadership of what would later become a tradition.

Erikson Andrus was born in Caracas (Venezuela) on March 6, 1982 and lives his childhood, youth and adult life in the city of Maracay, just a few hours from the capital, for which he claims to keep his memories intact and his heart divided between both cities. However, it is in the first where he meets baseball, at the age of 3, thanks to the fact that his father Emilio Andrus took him one afternoon to practice and in view of the fact that the coach of the team he was going to belong to did not show up, This replaced his absence and assumed the responsibility of giving his knowledge as a Physical Education teacher to the children present, delighting all the representatives.  In its beginnings, the baseball academy was known as the Bears of Merca, a school to which Erikson belonged and which opened in 1985. When Professor Emilio takes over the reins of the organization, he decides to keep the name of Bears, without imagining that years later, his eldest son would take his legacy and give it a meaning that goes beyond initials and the translation of the name into English “Bears”. 

EA are letters that for the Andrus family mean FAMILY not only because coincidentally all the names of its members begin with them, but because their spirit keeps alive their traditions, values and culture as Venezuelans. As its current leader Erikson assures: “all the decisions that are made in the academy start from the family nucleus. For no one it is a secret that the player Elvis Andrus (Texas Rangers) is my brother and Erold is also a very good player of baseball (Navegantes del Magallanes), for me one of the best natural players. There are many mixed feelings when seeing those “bears” in the players’ chest, mentioning EA Bears is also talking about the CNA, a sports complex where much of our childhood and the place where we grew up as players”. 


we start practical very soon!